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The Rootines Platform

Rootines is a patient engagement platform that marries patient-reported outcome data and remote patient monitoring. By providing Clinicians with a steadier data stream and key insights and analysis, Rootines plays a significant role in enhancing care and the patient experience. Benefits to Clinicians As a clinician, imagine if you could glance at a web portal for a couple of minutes and get a solid overview of how your patient has been doing in the time since you last saw them.

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Autism and Social Skills

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a communication and social disorder. As a mom and caregiver, I devote a significant amount of time fostering, teaching, and encouraging social interaction.  I believe a lack of autism awareness and understanding has led to a huge misconception that individuals with autism don’t want to socialize and prefer solitary activity. Being fearful or lacking the skills doesn’t equate to not having the desire. This is why social skills work is so vital to increase independence, confidence,

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The Return to School and Autism – a Mother’s perspective

The return to school is upon us and with more challenges than ever,  especially for the autism community. Transitioning back to school is already a challenge and change in routine from summer activities and schedules can be daunting. Adding in the possibility of new teachers, classmates, paraprofessionals, and therapists can complicate this transition even more. The threat of the delta variant has made the return to school frightening and confusing for caregivers whose children are too young to be vaccinated

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Autism and Meltdown Management

Meltdowns can be terrifying for both the autistic individual and the caregiver. As a mother, I’ve found myself feeling utterly helpless at times when my child is experiencing a meltdown. Seeing your loved one on sostrsss and not knowing if anything you are doing will provide comfort can be overwhelming. I find myself strategizing to develop prevention, so anything I can to prevent meltdowns. I’ve found that therapy, sensory work and practicing coping skills to manage frustration and anger has 

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“To SQL or not to SQL, that is the Question”

Part of an ongoing blog series discussing why we made certain technology choices.By Jerome Pascua Sr. Director of Software Design, “If you’ve met one individual with autism, you’ve met one individual with autism.” Dr. Stephen Shore We’ve architected our software to echo this sentiment in the sense that we want each of our users to have the ability to tailor the app to the needs of an individual. So what does that mean for us and our app? Well,

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Autism and Advocacy

We talk so much about advocating for our loves ones with autism. As a mother with a young child diagnosed with autism, I use the world advocate frequently. In fact, it’s become a constant in my daily vocabulary.  Personally, I have advocated for my child by fighting for testing and diagnoses. This allowed him to gain admission into school programs. I’ve advocated for the school services he needed. I did this through requesting PPT meetings and creating a case for

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App version 1.0.4 is available now!

The newest version of Rootines, 1.0.4 is available now. So what’s in it? The big news in this release is the ‘share profile’ feature. This can be found by clicking on profiles on the bottom navigation bar.     Then click on view profile of the person you’re tracking, Within the profile itself, you will see a share feature – the same icon you see on your phone if you’re sharing a document.      When you select this button, a new screen

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Rootines in the news!

We recently chatted with the folks at North Texas Innovation, a publication that reports on startups and innovation here in Texas. Have a read! By Kevin Cummings – NTX Inno Staff WriterJuly 24, 2021, 06:00am CDT Tamera Jackson said there’s an old phrase that goes: If you meet one person on the autism spectrum, then you’ve met one person on the autism spectrum. While their care needs differ vastly, one constant is the need for consistency in their routines. Her newly launched company

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