A Therapists Perspective

This Blog is part of the ‘Care Team’ series. Did you read our latest blog? An Occupational Therapist shares her thoughts on Autism A blank slate with unlimited possibilities. That’s the happy, warm feeling I get deep down inside my soul every time I have a new referral for a child on the spectrum. I see the misunderstood, the under-represented, the amazing human chomping at the bit to be seen by others, and those struggling to find a place in

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Building A Care Team

Working with a team is instrumental in the planning, early intervention, and progress of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. For individuals across the spectrum, the team approach creates a better continuum of care for the individual. For younger children in the education system, the Planning and Placement Team work together to develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), a 504 plan if the child qualifies, and private service providers and physicians often work together in conjunction with schools to develop a comprehensive

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