, the company behind Rootines accepted into Microsoft for Startups program

We at are thrilled to announce that we’ve been accepted into the Microsoft for Startups program! Please read the press release here:

We are so excited to be selected for this program as it allows us to scale quickly and more efficiently.

As many of you know, Rootines is an app designed for autistic individuals. A digital diary, we analyze the information you put into the tool and look for trends and patterns you might not have noticed. You can also pull up your historical entries so that you can easily review information.

A recent addition, we’ve added sharing. As a profile owner, you can choose to share the profile with up to five people on your care team. This could be a parent, Doctor, Therapist, Teacher, and a loved one. These individuals can not only see the information you’ve input, they can also add information as well. So, for example, if you are caring for a child and the child is at school, the teacher can enter information thus providing a more thorough picture of the day.

We are working every day to add features to our app. Our mission is to build a tool that us as helpful and user-friendly as it can be. This is not possible without your feedback! If there is something that isn’t working for you, something you would like to track that isn’t in the app yet – please let us know! You can reach out to us through our website,, through the app or on the socials.

You can read more about our app and it’s lates updates on our blog

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