Autism and Meltdown Management

Meltdowns can be terrifying for both the autistic individual and the caregiver. As a mother, I’ve found myself feeling utterly helpless at times when my child is experiencing a meltdown. Seeing your loved one on sostrsss and not knowing if anything you are doing will provide comfort can be overwhelming.

I find myself strategizing to develop prevention, so anything I can to prevent meltdowns. I’ve found that therapy, sensory work and practicing coping skills to manage frustration and anger has 

been highly beneficial to us. However, sometimes a situation will trigger him one day when it had no impact another and I find myself looking for other causes. 

Understanding meltdowns for our autistic loved ones is key and differentiating between a “temper tantrum”. Once I fully understood that various factors that could lead to a meltdown, I felt more empowered.  This article on understanding meltdowns very clearly defined it and I wish every person could read this and become more aware and empathize when they see someone enduring one. I painfully recall the disapproving stares when my child had meltdowns in public.

Managing meltdowns remains a huge goal for myself and other caregivers I know. I imagine it also for the devoted teachers and service providers. Any tool to improve the lives of our loved ones ans their caregivers is vital. 

At Rootines, our innovative app allows you to record and track meltdowns and to anticipate and hopefully prevent one from occurring.

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