Building A Care Team

Working with a care team is instrumental in the planning, early intervention, and progress of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. A team approach creates a better continuum of autism care for individuals. With younger children in the education system, the Planning and Placement Team works together to develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) or a 504 plan if the child qualifies. Private service providers and physicians often work together in conjunction with schools to develop a comprehensive approach to care.

Support isn’t just for kids!

In the case of adults, these teams can consist of therapists, doctors, family members, and other autism care providers. This can even extend to individuals in the workplace. A big challenge can be in communication between all parties. Tracking progress daily across all environments is challenging to manage by yourself. Sharing and collaborating this information with a whole team can be daunting.””

“I work with multiple therapists and educators in the school system and privately for my young ASD child. They often need to work together as a team on goals and ensure consistency and generalization across environments. The challenge can be in sharing information that often changes weekly. For example, I had to share a bathroom routine from school with his behaviorist for input and share a strategy from his behaviorist with his psychologist.” Mary, Wisconsin

At Rootines, we built an app to help support communication between these teams. By digitizing the elements you track, information can easily be shared with others. When you sign up for our premium version the subscription comes with five access points. With these, you can share your child’s profile with members of your care team based on your authorization. This way, not only can other members of the team see the data entry, but they can also input information.

Our goal is to support the care of individuals with ASD. If you have input and feedback on improving the communication between your team members or anything else you see (or don’t see!) in the app, please let us know! We appreciate and welcome your suggestions! You can email us at Support at or connect with us through the support function in the app itself.

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