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When we began to imagine what Rootines might be, we talked to a ton of people. Parents of children with ASD, autistic individuals themselves, doctors, therapists. We found that so many people had the need to track – anything from behavior to mood to bowel movements – and yet so many were using pen and paper. In fact, only a few were using technology such as spreadsheets.

We immediately saw the benefits that could come from automating some of this activity. For example, identifying trends is pretty difficult if you’ve got your information on paper. As you will see from our coming feature improvements, we also think there’s benefit in automating as much data collection as possible. You have enough to do in your daily life!

The other challenge around the pen and paper solution is the portability of information. An upcoming feature in Rootines is the ability to share – so if you are tracking a child and he/she is at school, the teacher or therapist would be able to input information as well. We think this will support a better continuum of care and facilitate communication among the care team.

An evolving app…. it’s a team effort!

As our app progresses, we hope you will find that it adds value to your day. Our team here at Rootines is best described as people who know how to build stuff. We are not directly part of the Autism community; we are people that saw an opportunity to build something meaningful. And as such, we are all ears. If you have an idea for a feature you’d like to see in the app, if you see something that isn’t working for you and have an idea on how it could be done better… please let us know!

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