Pediatric mental health tracking is on the Rootines platform!

An image of the mood entry card within the app alongside verbiage that announces that mental health tracking for pediatrics is here

Rootines has launched mental health tracking for pediatrics. Parents and caregivers can download the app on iOS or Android now… for free!

Rootines helps hospitals, schools, and therapist offices

Through a robust web portal, Rootines delivers information on a clinician’s patients or school’s students on an ongoing basis. A constant data stream collected from the app is analyzed so that clinicians can quickly view what is most important… even in between patients. A school can identify if and when a student needs additional support or services.

A practical data collection and analysis tool

No one has extra time in the day. Yet when a child has a chronic condition, the whole care team is focused on improving well-being, identifying trends and triggers, and communicating amongst the care team. Rootines facilitates this effort. Today, a doctor’s appointment is a moment in time. Parents have to relay crucial information within the time allowed. This can be difficult! With Rootines, a clinician can view the data at any time – even between appointments. Rootines can alert a clinician if there is data reported that shows a concern – and an outbound check-in call can take place.

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