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Autism and the Pandemic: A Mother’s Journey: Part Two

The days are long and I can barely remember the days when I had a break.  It’s amazing how caregivers adapt and I wonder what toll it’s fully taken on me.  I never sleep well, because Allen doesn’t.  I definitely don’t eat as well as I used to and forget about real exercise.  As a single mom with no family nearby or able to visit, my support system is dwindling.  Everyone is suffering in their own way and self-preservation seems

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Autism and the Pandemic: A Mother’s Journey: Part One

Autism and the Pandemic:  A Mother’s Journey:  Part One As a mother with a young child on the Autism spectrum, the onset of the pandemic was devastating. Literally, my son was at his nature morning program at his early intervention preschool program one day then everything was shut down the next.  We went from having a robust schedule of school, therapy, play dates, lessons, errands and a variety of other extracurricular activities and options to keep him active and regulated

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