New Rootines App Update

We’ve released a new update for the Rootines app! Here’s what’s in it!

Artistic image of people in a circle; at the bottom is the Rootines logo and it says Rootines a digital notebook built for autism.
Artistic image of people in a circle; at the bottom is Rootines A digital notebook built for autism

First new feature in app update: Added profile sharing

The big news first: We’ve added the ability to share your profile with others. If you are in your profile, you will see the share icon you often see on other apps and even your iPhone. Select the icon and it will generate a link for you to copy and paste. Provide that link in text or email to up to 5 members of your care team. They will accept, and you’ll get a notification back. Not only can they view the profile, but they can also add updates. This way, a second parent, a teacher, therapist, or other caregivers can add to your tracking!

When this post was written, all users are in ‘free mode’ as we add features; while we will always have a free version, we will also have a paid version, and the sharing feature will be part of that. The cost will be $9.99 a month with a discount for a yearly subscription. But for now, you get to test it out for free!

Why charge? App development is pretty complex and expensive. Our young company is on a mission to build this app and then create other tools that help people.

Updated color scheme for buttons and progress bars

This is a minor design change, and we just think it looks better!

Added dialog for rating and review from user

We need your reviews! Believe it or not, for the first 60 days of our app, you couldn’t find us in the app store unless you typed in our exact name! Part of Apple’s (and everyone really) search algorithm is Ratings and Reviews. Please rate and review us today! But also, be sure to give us more detailed feedback directly – we are making changes and improvements all the time based on what you the user tells us!

Added bowel movement tracking as its own entry type

Many autistic people struggle with constipation issues. In fact, constipation represents the second-ranked reason people with autism visit the emergency room; we thought it should have its own space on the entries screen.

Fixed Rootine time stamp

Previously, if you entered a Rootine when it saved there was a bug causing the time stamp to be off. We fixed it!

Updated profile creation views to new color scheme

This is also a minor design change, and we just think it looks better!

We need your feedback!

The Rootines Team

We at Rootines are working on an exciting feature roadmap. Right now our goal is to release a new update for Rootines the app every week. Sometimes we make that goal, sometimes we don’t! But we do want and need your feedback, ideas, and input as we go! To make this app as useful to you as possible, we need to hear from you what is working and, sometimes most importantly, what isn’t working. Please reach out to us through the app or through our website. We are a small team, and we read and discuss everything that you send to us! Find us at

Want to learn more!

Check out our website at to learn more. We’re excited about this release as it adds the critical sharing feature – now, you can share your account and profile so that other members of the care team can enter and view information. Check out our blog on building a care team

Rootines is available on iOS and can be found in Apple’s App Store. We are working on a solution for Android, which will be available in the fall, so stay tuned!

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