Rootines launches pediatric mental health monitoring


Jul 19, 2022, 07:00 ET

RED OAK, Texas, July 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the CDC found that 1 in 5 children had a mental disorder with only around 20% receiving care from a mental health provider*. Experts agree that the pandemic has exacerbated these statistics, worsening pediatric mental health. In fact, research from October 2020 showed that 31% of parents said their child’s mental or emotional health had worsened compared to before the start of the pandemic.** Additional pressures of the current environment including gun violence, social and economic pressures and social media add to the list of issues that are impacting mental health and wellness.

To help address this growing concern, Rootines by LLC announces the addition of Mental Health as a condition monitoring category in their platform. Rootines is a patient engagement ecosystem offering applications on iOS and Android along with a web portal for clinical use. Marrying patient reported outcomes with remote patient monitoring, Rootines allows parents and caregivers to track various elements of health and well-being such as mood, sleep, diet and more. The software then delivers insights to parents and clinicians to enhance care and promote early intervention.

“As the parent of two young girls, I can relate to the concern a parent has for a child struggling with the various elements of the world we live in. We are proud to be adding mental health as a category to help support parents, caregivers, the extended care team and their clinicians” – Blake Rutherford, CMO/Co-Founder

The application portion of the Rootines platform is currently available free of charge to individual users. Simply visit the app store on iOS or the Android Marketplace to download. If you are a hospital, therapy center, school or other professional institution and would like information, a demonstration, or pricing on the web portal please contact us today at Rootines is HIPAA compliant with medical grade security.

Use cases for the Rootines platform include hospitals and clinicians that are looking for robust data from their patients. The platform can alert clinicians to emerging trends, bridging the gap between appointments and supporting early intervention when issues arise. Schools, foster programs, community health centers and others can leverage the data to support children in their programs and connect care teams for enhanced continuum of care. Payers can benefit from providing Rootines to their customers by leveraging the ability to intervene earlier when issues arise, thereby improving care and lowering costs.

Current conditions tracked on the Rootines platform include: General Health, Autism, Epilepsy and now Mental Health. A NICU Follow-up solution is in development. LLC is an early-stage company developing Rootines, a platform for patient engagement. In 2021, was the proud recipient of a $120,000 grant from Microsoft for Startups. More information on Rootines and its parent company LLC can be found on our website.


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