The Rootines Platform

Rootines is a patient engagement platform that marries patient-reported outcome data and remote patient monitoring. By providing Clinicians with a steadier data stream and key insights and analysis, Rootines plays a significant role in enhancing care and the patient experience.

Benefits to Clinicians

As a clinician, imagine if you could glance at a web portal for a couple of minutes and get a solid overview of how your patient has been doing in the time since you last saw them. The data tells a story and gives a solid starting point for a more productive appointment. OR imagine if a patient is having issues between visits, what if you could get an alert that notifies you so someone can make an outbound call to follow up and check in?

What is tracked? Rootines tracks a variety of everyday elements that play into our health and well-being. Some of these categories include hydration, bowel movements, diet, mood, and more. From a remote patient monitoring standpoint, examples include a smart scale that reports weight, BMI, and more. An under-mattress sleep sensor provides data on time slept and quality of sleep.

EMR/EHR integration

Data is everything but ease of use dictates if we leverage it at all. That’s why we’ve designed our web portal for simplicity and practicality. And it’s also why we integrate with your EMR or EHR if you so choose. While the web portal provides powerful insights and a great view on a patient’s condition, your organization may only want to feed certain elements – like weight or medication adherence – into your database. The choice is yours!

Learn More

More information on Rootines can be found on our website, You can also contact us for a demonstration at

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